Winter Chess & Boxing Camp

December 11th -29th, 2023
Mon - Fri
9 AM - 1 PM
Get ready for winter fun at our Chess Boxing Camp with Rocky Road in Dubai! We've got a unique sports experience for kids during the holiday break. Join us for themed training in chess and boxing.

With a variety of activities our coaches focus on teaching the rules and fundamentals of each sport, while creating an environment that makes it fun and inviting for each camper to participate, regardless of their skill or ability.


  • 6-9 Years old

    • A gaming approach that provides psychological comfort and captivates is practiced.
    • Introduced are the elements of striking movements from boxing with a visible partner.
    • Exercise techniques and body flexibility are practiced to develop joint mobility.
    • Development of muscle strength with the use of static load to form correct posture, that is unstable at this age
    • Some of the key exercises are: walking, running, climbing, overcoming obstacles, playing with a ball, throwing at a target, balance exercises, jumping, rolling, somersaults and more.
  • 10-11 Years old

    • This age is optimal for learning and remembering sports movements.
    • It is already possible to move on to sports specialization, focusing on general developmental training, that is, the development of flexibility and speed. Exercises from martial arts are practiced to develop technique and coordination.
    • Moderate physical training is practiced with the elements of strength & conditioning exercises to work on specific parts of the body, such as arms or legs. Key exercises are: push-ups, squats, jumping in measured volumes.
  • 12-14 Years old

    • A period of rapid and comprehensive changes of a physiological and psychological nature. Boxing here will help to the child to come out from a shell and at the same time streamline their energy in the right direction.
    • During the period of teenage vulnerability, an individual approach is of particular importance, especially to strength & conditioning training.
    • Comprehensive physical training is practiced, as well as learning sets of exercises and combinations.
    • More attention is paid to learning movement techniques, since a high level of consolidation of motor skills is maintained.


Welcome to Rocky Road Boxing Club! Welcome to Rocky Road Boxing Club! Welcome to Rocky Road Boxing Club! Welcome to Rocky

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